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About the inked army
The Inked Army - Professional Tattoo Equipment

We are a team consisting of veterans of the tattoo industry, working together with young ambitious tattoo artist bringing together their knowledge and experiences.

Our aim is to work hard to offer the best products and items on the market and make you benefit of it by helping to make your work easier.

The old guys know it the best! The youngsters are innovative! As tattoo artists we are well aware of the fact that exchange of experience is essential for the strive to get better. This is why we decided that everybody should profit from our connections and dealer network.  The Inked Army is the brand in the tattoo industry bringing together  items directly developed by ourselves or which we get manufactured directly for us, but only with a close look on quality and putting them to the acid test.  Efficient, well-developed and reliable! These are the key words which define our ambition to bring you the best tattoo products on the market!

The Inked Army