Tubes & Tips - Load, Aim, Ink It Up

We reflected on what shape would give our disposable grips an outstanding ergonomy, but we didn‘t want to take it to far with „orthopedic“ bulges and dimples in the surface as it seems to be the fad at the moment.

The ergonomic silicone grip is additionally a bit flatter skewed, so it fits perfectly into the hand plus it is also comparatively heavy, which makes it an comfortable counter balance to the tattoo machine.

The orange-transparent tip creates an visual resistance so that there is a clear edge between the tool, the needle and the skin. Perfect overview of the ink flow leaving the tip!

In total a perfect basic product for every disposable grip user!

Available as Disposable Tube, Disposable Short-Tip and Disposable Long-Tip.

5 year expiry from manufacturing date

Inked Army BARREL Disposable Tips & Tubes – Load, Aim, Ink It Up!

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