Top Peformance Tattoo Cartridges

Tactical and unconventional – These tattoo needle cartridges helps you mastering every challenge to make your tattoo art vivid.

With a very wide range of different needle groupings and types, Guerilla offers you an armory like no one else does.

Also popular exotic needle types can be found in this product spectrum, like hollow liners and bug pin magnums.

Guerilla Cartridges are featuring a premium membran suspension which prevents ink from flowing back into the cartridge and machine.

This means these cartridges are very unlikely to leak or break due to their superior quality and efficiency.

The individual needles are blister packaged as well as E.O gas sterilised.

Only medical grade plastic with 316L surgical stainless steel are being used for Guerilla Tattoo Cartridges.

Sterilized – single packaged – 10pcs/box

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  • guerilla_boldliner-
  • guerilla_hollow10
  • guerilla_hollow12
  • guerilla_liner08
  • guerilla_liner10
  • guerilla_liner12
  • guerilla_liner13
  • guerilla_roundmagnum08
  • guerilla_roundmagnum10
  • guerilla_roundmagnum12
  • guerilla_roundshader10
  • guerilla_roundshader12
  • guerilla_straightmagnum08
  • guerilla_straightmagnum10
  • guerilla_straightmagnum12