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The Musotoku power unit is your perfect companion If you are looking to infuse constant and powerful voltage into your tattoo machines. The average amperage of 5A and the top-amp-output of 10A gives you the opportunity to work on the most professional level possible.

No matter which type of tattoo machine, if rotary driven or coil machines, the Musotoku runs them all on perfect conditions.
Due to the Nitro-Pulse-mode you do not need any starter cords for Cheyenne machines.
Also adjusting and tuning work is easy to handle since the high 5A current of the Musotoku power supply lets you fell any change and adjustments, you will feel a crisp flow of electricity shooting through your machine as you never did before.
Also long-term use of your machines will not slow them down or let them get hot thanks to the high amperage.

  • Output: 5A continous power, 10A peak. Overcurrent protection (3types)
  • Voltage: 2 to 16V, adjust in 0.1V steps, infinite turn adjusting knob

The Musotoku comes with 4 setup memories (including auto-record memories – non-volatile) and 3 foot-switch modes (momentary, maintained and one-touch). Also traveling to conventions is no problem since this power unit is very small and light-weight.

  • Dimensions: 116x72mm, 24mm height (4.5×2.8×0.9 inch)
  • Weight: 169gr (5.9oz)

We offer you the Inked Army version of the Musotoku power unit coming with the laser-engraved camouflage pattern and The Inked Army emblem.


  • musotoku-the-inked-army-power-supply-musotoku
  • musotoku-the-inked-army-power-supply-musotoku~2
  • musotoku-the-inked-army-power-supply-musotoku~3