Always Clean Needles

The Inked Army OXXOLON makes polluted needles and tips a matter of the past.

Just a little amount in the water of a rinse cup makes the liquid solve and remove the color in use quickly and completely. The sensitive needle is protected by an ecological corrosion prevention inhibitor to keep it pointed and sharp until the end of the session.

Simply add OXXOLON to your rinse cup, wash out your needle and pat the needle and tip dry. This also removes ink from the tip chamber since the whole part gets flooded by dipping it into water. This is more efficient than competitive products on the market which use foams and sponges.

We also offer custom-made duo-cup holders so that after washing out your needle with OXXOLON you can rinse it again in a second cup of clear water.

Perfect to prevent blending of colors or to keep the chosen sumi shade when doing black&gray work.

No harm for the body and easily biodegradable.