High Quality Tattoo Cartridges

Si vis pacem para bellum – If you want peace, prepare for war!
And if you want to create an outstanding tattoo, equip with the best needles the market has to offer.

Parabellum Tattoo Cartridges offers high-quality needle cartridges with a new elastomer-retriever-system that
reliably and smoothly transfers the power of your tattoo machine to the skin.

Try them now and be convinced by the high quality parameters of PARABELLUM Tattoo Cartridges.

Sterilized – single packaged – 10pcs/box

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  • parabellum_liner10
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  • parabellum_liner14
  • parabellum_tightliner
  • parabellum_roundshader
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  • parabellum_curvedmagnum12
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