Professional Tattoo Equipment

We are a team consisting of veterans of the tattoo industry, working together with young ambitious tattoo artist bringing together their knowledge and experiences and have  you benefit from it! The best tattoo products in the industry, all out of one hand!



  • Tattoo Machines
  • Cartridges
  • Needles
  • Tubes
  • Cartridge Tubes
  • Lock Down
  • Invade
  • Oxxolon
  • Code Clean
  • Sani Nuke
  • Green Agent
  • Travel Set
  • Ammo Box
  • Ink Caps
  • Clothing & Gear
  • Studio Supplies
Oxxolon is the best solution for fast cleaning of your needles especially if you work with a big color palette!Miguel Ameliach (on the road) |
Inked Army – Innovations that help to improve your work qualitybykeeping needles clean and stencil on.Vainius Anomaly (on the road) |
It took me 20 years to find the best stencil solution on the planet, Invade is so sticky it even attracts bears and bees!Hankey Jee (Sanctus Deus: Syndicat du Tatouage) |
I love using The Inked Army products! AWESOME!Paul (Pauls Tattoos) |
Shrapnelz Hollow Liner! There is nothing better to make fat bold lines!Phil Gossner (Body Cult Tattoo & Piercing) |
I only use INVADE by The Inked Army for solid stencils!Basti Barramundi (Barramundi Tattoo + Art) |