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So that you can do the best possible work as a tattoo artist, you naturally also need high-quality needles and cartridges.

THE INKED ARMY offers you exactly that! Created by tattoo artists for tattoo artists, we present high-quality tattoo needles and cartridges at the highest level. We not only offer liner needles, but also filling and shading needles. With us, you will find exactly the right cartridge for your individual tattoo style. Whether it's a fineline tattoo, realism tattoo or a completely different style. THE INKED ARMY needles and cartridges have the right solution for everyone. Even if you're still going old school with real tattoo needles instead of modules, THE INKED ARMY has the right equipment for you. You'll find Shrapnelz needles in the following types: liner, hollow liner, round shader, magnum and round magnum.
Not sure what type of needle you need? Here is a quick tip:
- Liner: for fine lines and delicate work
- Shader: for strong shading
- Filling: for rich fillings and particularly bold Tattoos

The cartridges are all individually blistered and sterilised. Convince yourself of the extraordinary quality and create impressive works of art.