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Navigating the intricate legal landscape surrounding tattoo inks in the European Union requires more than just adherence to substance regulations; it demands meticulous attention to labeling details. Since the inception of the REACH regulation in January 2022, compliant labeling of tattoo ink bottles has become paramount to avoid potential pitfalls for distributors and tattoo artists alike.

While many resort to applying white import labels over original manufacturer labels to meet these requirements, this approach often falls short in terms of aesthetics and durability. Enter The Inked Army Tattoo Colors – with over a decade of expertise in navigating labeling regulations, we ensure your compliance while enhancing the appeal and practicality of your ink bottles.

Our custom-labeling system seamlessly integrates language-specific details, essential elements mandated for tattoo bottle labels, and even marketing touches like distributor company names and web links. Plus, we optimize stock processing by incorporating GTIN codes, streamlining inventory management for distributors. Also our labels all come multi-layered, including all relevant details additionally in all EU-member-state-languages.

Discover how The Inked Army's custom-labeling solution can elevate the safety, appeal, and functionality of your tattoo ink bottles for both artists and distributors.


Multi-Layer labels

We print all our labels for every distributor individually and perfectly to meet all legal requirements and above.


Multi-Layer labels

Find all legally relevant details of our custom-labeling in all EU-member-state-languages additionally on the inside of our multi-layered labels.


direct printing

Our order-processing seamlessly integrates custom-labeling without any additional lead-time, ensuring that you receive your order on time.