Basic, Silicone Base & Square Click

The Inked Army INK CAPS are your first choice to store your ink while tattooing!

INK CAPS Basic – The Inked Army ink caps with a wide foot. Simply neat ink caps, with a wide foot and made out of the popular orange-transparent plastic of our BARREL tips and tubes.

INK CAPS Silicone Base – The new Silicone Base Ink Caps makes arranging your ink cups really easy. On a solid silicone platform you have six earth-quake-safe ink containers. Du to the material of this product you don’t face the problem of ink splattering all over the place when accidentally touching the silicone base ink caps with your running needle.

INK CAPS Square Click – The new Square Click Ink Caps give you 1000+ opportunities to arrange your ink tones for your tattoo session. The handy plug connections make your square-click-combo solid and sticked to your work table with vaseline or tape secure it in place.

All The Inked Army INK CAPS come in the convenient Ink Cap dispenser box.